AUG 21, 2012

Virtual feat All in 1 - Beautiful Day

Dupa ce a scris si produs melodii ca Your Desire, I Miss You, Falling In Love, Summer Dream, In Love With You, Living My Dream, Sunlight, Angel's Call, Broken Heart si My World ,melodii in care Virtual canta despre iubire, suferinta, vise, dorinte, pasiune, iata ca a venit randul melodiei "Beautiful Day". "Beautiful Day" este o melodie cu un mesaj simplu, pozitiv despre o zi banala din viata fiecaruia dintre noi.

"Cand am scris aceasta melodie, am descris o zi banala din viata mea.Cred ca fiecare din noi a avut parte de cel putin o zi frumoasa in viata lui. De cele mai multe ori, lucrurile simple ne fac ziua mai frumoasa, mai buna. Noi oamenii uitam sa ne bucuram adesea de lucrurile simple, de ceea ce ne-a oferit si ne ofera Universul. Suntem prinsi in treburile zilnice si parca timpul a devenit insuficient, nu avem timp sa vedem ce este in jurul nostru. Viata m-a invatat sa apreciez fiecare clipa, am invatat sa ma bucur de inca un rasarit de soare, fiecare rasarit de soare fiind pentru mine o noua zi frumoasa" a afirmat artistul.

Virtual a colaborat pana in prezent cu artisti ca Irina Gorga, Jean Pierre, k-Brown, Little Tiger. De aceasta data "Beautiful Day" este un featuring All IN 1. All IN 1 este o trupa din Cluj care are in componenta pe Lil Smiley, G-Point, CDJ si Lia Coman.

"Sper ca Beautiful Day sa se bucure de aprecierea ascultatorilor si sa le aminteasca ca frumusetea este de cele mai multe ori in lucrurile simple" a mai afirmat artistul.

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Muzica si text: Constantin Ciurariu
Inregistrarile au fost facute la Koleriq Production
Producator muzical Virtual

After he wrote and produced songs like Your Desire, I Miss You, Falling In Love, Summer Dream, In Love With You, Living My Dream, Sunlight, Angel's Call, Broken Heart and My World, tracks in which Virtual sings about love, suffering, dreams, desires, passions, now it's time for the song "Beautiful Day". "Beautiful Day" is a song with a simple message, positive about a trivial day in our lives.

"When I wrote this song, I described a day of my trivial life. I think each of us has had at least one beautiful day in his life. Most of times, simple things makes our day more beautiful, better. We humans often forget to enjoy the simple things, of what gave us and gives us the Universe. We are caught up in daily business and time has become insufficient, we have no time to see what is around us. Life taught me to appreciate every moment, I learned to enjoy another sunrise, every sunrise is for me a new beautiful day" said the artist.

Virtual collaborated until now with artists like Irina Gorga, Jean Pierre, K-Brown, Little Tiger. This time "Beautiful day" is a featuring with All IN 1. All IN 1 is a band from Cluj which is composed by Lil Smiley, G-Point, CDJ and Coman Lia.

"I hope that Beautiful Day will enjoy the appreciation of the listeners and to remind them that beauty is often the simple things " also said the artist.

Music & lyrics Constantin Ciurariu
All recordings were made @ Koleriq Production
Produced by Virtual


MAY 21, 2012

Wishing to produce other types of music than dance music and alternative music ,Virtual wrote "Angel's Call" ,a song that came from the heart.It's an electronic / ambiental song and it's not intended to be a commercial song ,but rather a song to listen ,to ponder ,to chill out. Music gives us freedom of imagination. Music can change us to become better people in a better world and maybe we'll hear all the "Angel's Call".



MAY 2, 2012

A new article was written about Virtual by the people from Antena Dobrogei.
You can read the article here.


APR 18, 2012






Feb 19, 2012

After songs like I Miss You, Falling In Love and In Love With You, the story goes on with Broken Heart.
Broken Heart is a song in collaboration with the nigerian K-Brown.
Who is K-Brown?
K-Brown is a multitalented artist as he sings, raps and also a good dancer. Michael Jackson has a large influence in the style of K-Brown, who would like to combine these style in art.
In 2011, he collaborated with the romanian singer Gabriel Davi in the video "Beautiful" wich has spawned over 7 million views on YouTube.
Brown also co-founded "PointZero Productions", an independet label with Kenobi, a friend in Houston - Texas, wich aims at encouraging the afro hip-hop and dance music.



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